UFO Sightings

The sightings of UFO's reported to us come in many forms. From black triangles to balls of light we have had many sightings reported to us and whilst there is a rational explanation for 95% of what has been seen there is a tantalizing approx 5% that remain a mystery.

If you have had a sighting and would like to share your experience with us please report your sighting on out contacts page.


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Unreported Location

August 18th 2013 – Braintree - via Facebook

I am a semi-pro photographer based in north Essex. 2 nights ago, I was out in my garden at dusk, focusing my cameras to the sky in preparation to shoot some stills of the meteor shower.  I was shooting at 2 second exposures one after the other, a total of 3 shots over no more than 10 seconds. As I live under the Stansted-Europe flight path, I am always aware to check for any approaching planes as they can ruin long exposure shots. There were none about when I shot the test shots. Anyway, in the 2nd of the 3 shots, I have a bright object with 3 lights on it. It wasn’t there whilst I was shooting as I was watching the scene and shooting on a remote control release. It is not present in either the before or after shots. And I know it isn’t an aircraft, because A. the altitude it is at in the photograph would be no more than 500 feet and, at that height, I would be worried it was about to crash as we are approx. 12 miles from the airport runway. And B. when I saw the object on the shot, after looking at it on my computer, I stood outside timing the flashes of navigation lights on the aircraft as they flew over... they flash approx. every 1.5 seconds, so 3 flashes on a 2 second exposure would be impossible.

I would be interested to hear your opinion on the photo, and I have attached a low res copy to this email. I will just add that the only editing done to this is to convert the file from raw to jpeg and I opened the exposure on the picture by 2 stops just to bring out the details. If you want to see the hi-res picture, please don’t hesitate to ask, I can let you have it In Hi-res jpeg (21.34mb) and In RAW format (23.5mb)

May I just add, I have a very logical mind, sometimes too logical and I have poured over the shot for many hours the last 2 days and I can find no explanation to it.

December 31st 2008 – Brightlingsea - MoD file archive via PRUFOs

A uniformed police officer observed a bright orange/yellow light at an unspecified time in the sky at an altitude of 2000 feet which moved very slowly in a half circle then stopped over the water between Brightlingsea and East Mersea before shooting vertically into the air and out of sight at great speed. On duty sighting. 1 officer. Source – MOD Files. Classification – Nocturnal Light (NL).

July 24th 2013 23:00 – Canvey Island – via Facebook

At around 11pm. I saw 3 very bright lights which looked like stars. They were in a triangle formation. They didn’t move, but became very bright as I was watching. This lasted for about 15 seconds and then they began to dim until they were Invisible to me. I was sitting on the Benfleet downs overlooking Canvey Island. The lights were a little to the right of Canvey and about halfway up in the sky. The colour was white/silver. Exactly like 3 really bright stars, high in the night sky, spread quite far apart, but in a triangle or pyramid shape. I was looking over Canvey but distracted by something bright to my right and about halfway up. I was shocked at how bright these stars were, stared at them for about 15 seconds, then they started to dim until they were not visible to me. They looked evenly spaced apart and the pyramid shape was tilted to the left.


June 9th 1997 – Canvey Island - MoD file archive via PRUFOs

10122 hours. Canvey Island. A uniformed police sergeant and a uniformed female police constable observed a thin white object for ten minutes above the skies above Canvey Island. On duty sighting. 2 officers. Source – MOD Files - defe-24-1988. Classification – Nocturnal Light (NL).


Summer around 1979/80 – Canvey Island – via Facebook

UFO Report - this object has also been filmed - Mark
Hi mark (Name witheld), age 44. On holiday In the summer of 1979/80 July/august me and my dad and mum and uncle 5 others all see a UFO over Canvey island Essex about 21.30 to 22.00 over the gas refinery it was a white light zig zagging in the sky at high speed. Nothing moved like that then and still nothing moves like that today now that has fascinated me all my life and convinced me that's theirs is intelligent life out there


October 23rd 1987 - Chelmsford - Via PRUFOs

PRUFOS - Police reporting UFO's www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk
0310 hours. Ford End near Chelmsford. Two uniformed officers observed 2 bright lights in the clear night sky. There was no sound and they made erratic vertical and horizontal movements. There was no discernable shape or structure seen as they moved in a south-westerly direction. The officers observed the UFOs for approximately five minutes. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT)
On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source: FOI documentation.


1989/1990 – Clacton On Sea – via Facebook

UFO Report from Clacton - old but interesting.

I wanted to share a sighting with you I had when I was younger that has stuck with me. It's something I dismissed some years ago but it recently keeps popping back to mind.  I'd like to know if you have records of anything similar. I was born in 1975 and lived in Clacton until my early 20's. When I was about 14 (My best guess would be 1989/1990) along with two friends witnessed what can only be described as a UFO.  It was during the summer months, we were walking from Great Clacton up Old Road to Knox road back for dinner. It was around 5pm, the light was good, bright with no cloud. As we were walking up Old road in the direction of Knox road we saw an object overhead on our right hand side, above tree level but seemingly very low. It was moving slowly in the direction of Old road to London road, it was silent and triangular in shape, it was bright in colour, I would say orange or gold, whether this was its actual colour or the reflection of the sun I can't be sure. It was silent and within a minute or two had moved out of sight on the other side of the tress.

We had no idea what we saw but we all saw the same thing. In the time since, once of my friends who saw it I have lost touch with and the other suffered brain damage in a work accident and doesn't have much memory recall although he remembers seeing something, he can't elaborate further. My parents remember us running home and talking about it but they put it down to 'seeing things' or mistaking a military plane from one of the Suffolk air force bases.

I'd love to know if you have had any other similar sightings in a similar time frame. This was obviously in the days before mobile phones, internet and home PC's so I had no real way of following it up.

March 4th 2014 – Colchester – via Facebook

This witness has checked Chinese lanterns and ruled them out.

Whilst on a drive through Essex around the Colchester we first spotted a disc like object in a very clear sky whilst it was still just about day light. It didn't seem to be moving much and was just hovering for about 1minute, I watched it very closely for that minute and them watched it disappear into thin air with .my very own eyes, you could clearly see this was no airplane as there were others in the sky which looked nothing like this and the UFO was stationary. Around 15 minutes later at about 7pm-ish I was looking at the sky which was still very clear as you could see many stars and no clouds when out of nowhere a bright glowing orange light appears out of thin air and stuck out like a sore thumb in its surroundings, I watched this for around 10 or 15 seconds or so when it vanished into thin air right in front of my eyes and then re appeared a considerable distance apart and again vanished about 10 seconds later. As you can imagine I was astonished and fascinated by this at continued to watch the sky throughout our journey. About 10 minutes later I was looking into a particular area of the sky when two stunning orange lights appeared next to each other, again out of thin air to my absolute astonishment. I watched in awe for about 10 to 15 seconds when one just completely vanished spontaneously followed by the other. In total we saw 6 or 7 of these in a space of about 40-45 minutes and have never seen anything like it before, it almost seemed as though they were following us. I am absolutely certain these were not airplanes as you could clearly distinguish them as the planes were flashing and there lights were completely different compared to these amazingly bright orange lights and I have no idea how anything can just disappear into thin air like they did.

Follow up to Colchester sighting below:

Hi mark, I have googled pictures of Chinese lanterns and can confirm that I'm 99% sure it wasn't one especially, as they appeared out of thin air in a clear sky and because of how bright these were also the time gap and distance between each sighting, as we saw these over the course of 45 minutes or so. The first one we saw was just before we got to Colchester as we were driving through from Suffolk way. They were appearing right through until we left Essex heading south after which we didn't see anymore. It's hard to judge how fast they were moving as they seem like they were hovering however on some occasions they did disappear and reappear in about 5 seconds around 90 degrees apart in the sky, a considerable distance.

June 23rd 1995 - Laindon - MoD file archive via PRUFOs

0148-0412 hours. Laindon, Essex. Two separate groups of two police officers observed a UFO above the skies above Laindon following after responding to a report by a member of the public. Initially two officers arrived and from a bedroom window with the aid of binoculars observed the object. A short time later they were joined by two other officers. Several of the officers later provided drawings to UFO researchers. On duty sighting. 4 officers. Source – MOD Files – defe-24-1981. Classification – Nocturnal Light (NL).


January 10th 2014 – Maldon – via Facebook

Hello, it’s now 8.50 am Thursday 10th Jan 2014 a crisp cold clear sky, when I looked out of my kitchen window I noticed a very bright light in the sky over the sky of Maldon Essex, I stood watching for a short while whilst it was stationary and the suddenly it opened up like an umbrella with these bright circle of lights flashing, I ran into the bedroom and woke my wife and opened the window blind to show her but it had gone back to a bright light hovered for a short while and then moved off and disappeared, surely someone must have seen this light it was so bright to go un-noticed. Derek Hatfield Peverel Essex. The lights I did see was a stationary light at first in the direction of Southend or that direction, and then suddenly lights appeared around the single light with different colours and still stationary, then the outside lights went out leaving the single light and then moved off like an aircraft. I will make a drawing of what I saw and forward it.


October 5th 1996 – North Sea (Thames Estuary to North Sea, Essex/Suffolk/Norfolk Coast)

Irene Bott archive via PRUFOs

0314-1109 hours. Location: East Coast of England.

This was a major sighting that took place off the East Coast where a red and green rotating light was seen by police officers at Skegness and Boston. In addition the object was seen by several coastguard officers and the crew of an oil tanker. Enquiries were made with RAF Kinloss, RAF Neatishead and RAF Waddington confirming that the object was captured on radar. A fascinating and revealing transcript of radio transmissions was obtained by researchers Nick Redfern and Irene Bott who also spoke with members of the oil tanker crew. The crew ruled out any conventional explanation. It is reported that the airspace in the affected area of the sighting was closed for several hours after the sighting. The MoD suggested that everyone had mistaken the light for Boston Stump! UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT) On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source – Irene Bott archive.


February 13th 2014 – Rayleigh – via Facebook

Not a UFO sighting but interesting

Hi mark, was working in Rayleigh Essex today and witnessed 5 jets escorting what looked like a 747 heading south from north. This was 9.30 am this morning about 40 mins after the rain blew over. 25000ft as all air craft had vapour trails. I was able to watch for at least 3 mins and it was 5 fighter jets 1 on left wing 2 on right wing and 2 to the rear but the two to the rear were not as close. But it was defiantly 5 jets. Very weird as I've worked in Rayleigh 14 years and have never seen anything like what happened today.


March 27th 1991 - Shoeburyness - Via PRUFOs

2010 hours. Shoeburyness, Southend, Essex. Two on duty officers in a stationary police vehicle observed a single circular bright white light above Shoeburyness for 90 minutes. The object was seen slowly moving across the sky westwards with no noise heard. They reported the sighting to Southend police control and to Southend Airport. There several members in the Control Tower also observed the UFO. UFO CLASSIFICATION – DD (DAYLIGHT DISC). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. FOI Documentation.


March 31st 2014 – Southend-On-Sea via Facebook

This is an old sighting just come in but nevertheless interesting. It's not the first time I have heard of a black triangle over central Southend – Mark

In November 1987, I was working as a Night closer at McDonalds, in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, High Street.  My shift started at midnight and ended at 8am. I only remember the approximate date, because it was not long, perhaps just a few weeks at most, after the “Big Storm”, the one that Michael Fish, was blamed for not predicting. At some point, during the early hours, I don’t remember what time, but it was still dark. I was outside the back doors, when I became aware of a “huge” triangular craft, forward right of my position, “gliding” at a very low speed and altitude. I would describe its speed as a “fast walking pace” and estimate the altitude as no greater than 20 meters. I clearly remember feeling “very calm”, not at all alarmed and wondering how something so big, could stay in the air without making a sound. On that night, the sky was clear, there was no wind, and I clearly remember that the silence was total. I believe that the craft was dark in colour and dimly lit, as in no bright lights, just many lights, I think multi-coloured, covering its underbelly, I can’t remember if they flickered or not. It travelled in my direction, gliding directly over the building that I was standing outside of, crossing the high street. I described the craft, not as “Triangular”, but as “A Vulcan, without its tip”. I find this fact, very interesting, because a few weeks ago I came across an article, titled “Black triangle UFOs (aka silent Vulcans) “ - Exactly how I described it, 27 long years ago.

There was zero sound, I can't emphasize this enough, and it is one of the things that confused me. It was such a silent night and the craft was so low, that I would have heard, even if there was a humming sound. I believe that McDonalds, is only 2 stories high, it couldn't have been more than 15ft above it, when it crossed the High street. I don't know if it is a military craft, I only know that I don't know of anything that size and slow speed that can stay in the air. It seems to me, that if something that big did exist, it would require huge engines and a downward thrust, in the absence of speed. The Harrier jump jet, is 'tiny', compared to what I saw and I've heard the noise that its engines produce, in order to keep it stationary. Although this craft moved, no way did it move fast enough to stay up, without making a sound. It would surely produce something much louder than a humming sound, but there was not even that.

I am a recreational para-motor pilot, have been for years. Air has to flow over an air foil, for a craft to remain airborne, it requires either a strong head wind, or in the absence of one, the air foil has to be travelling fast enough, in order for air to create a difference in pressure, above and below, to keep the craft flying. What I saw, made no sense at all to me then, even less now, with my admittedly limited knowledge of aerodynamics. One the most puzzling things about this sighting, is that considering how big an event it was, my brain didn't appear to class it as such at the time. I only remember thinking certain things, I don't remember speaking. I have no recollection of any of my co-workers being outside with me, nor do I remember telling them, if they were inside at the time. It's like I was in some kind of trance. I'm not usually the silent type, but many of my friends, whom I've since spoken to, wonder why I never mentioned it before. I have rarely even thought about it, until recently. I 'would' like to understand more and I do have an open mind. I only know, that this was a "gliding object", that I could not "Identify"


February 24th 2014 – Southend On Sea  - via Facebook

“I live in Southchurch. Last night approx. 10.30-11pm I stood at my back door facing west. A plane was crossing the sky from east to west flying low enough for me to see the outline and the lights clearly. I noticed there was no noise from it.

As it approached the middle of my view of the sky, a small bright light (looking quite like a star) suddenly flew very quickly from the same direction. It caught up with the plane, slightly overtaking it, then curved round, heading back east south east. From there it started to ‘serpentine’ across the sky before disappearing behind the far too high leylandii of my neighbour.

The whole incident took maybe 15-20 seconds.”


March 18th 2014 - South Woodham Ferrers

Hi, on my journey home tonight travelling on the A132, Burnham Road towards South Woodham Ferrers at around 9.30pm, my attention was drawn to 3 very big lights in the sky that were wavering about. (Almost like very powerful spotlights). They suddenly became one big light which in a second became numerous lights in a row and again back to one light which shot high in the sky and went behind clouds but you could still see the light behind the cloud. I have never seen anything like this before. Wondered if anyone else saw this tonight, there were 2 cars behind me so they must have seen it as well. Tuesday 18th March.

Follow up from yesterday’s sighting from South Woodham. This is not that far from me. As the crow flies a few miles at most just across the River Crouch.

"Thank you for replying, yes it was very interesting and it actually spooked me as I have never seen anything like this before and was trying to make sense of it. I was in disbelief and stunned so never thought of stopping or let alone get my phone out and this all happened within mins from half way down the road to the first roundabout in South Woodham Ferrers. The larger lights were dull in comparison to the little bright lights and they were white, never changing colour. When they converged together the lights were brighter and when it shot up in the sky it was like sunlight shining from behind a cloud. They were spherical in shape (both small and large) I wish now I had stopped and filmed them as I really want to know what it was, I do hope somebody else saw it"

November 29th 1999 - Tilbury - MoD file archive via PRUFOs

2355 hours. Tilbury, Essex. Four on duty uniformed police officers from three different locations including Chadwell St Mary observed a single object in the sky above Tilbury. One officer reported that the object was stationary in the sky describing it as green and white in colour with red flickering lights. A further report by a member of the public followed from nearby Dagenham. On duty sighting. 5 Officers. Source – MOD Files. Classification – Nocturnal Light (NL).

April 5th 2014 00:24 – Location unknown reported via Facebook

Just let my dog out and saw this bright light in the sky moving really fast, it then disappeared, in a clear bit of the sky. It made me smile, because it wasn’t a plane. It was a very bright golden colour. There one second, then gone. More sightings to be added soon.