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The events surrounding Britain's most documented UFO event, which has become known as "Britain's Roswell" are well known and I have added links below which gives a wealth of information. As a quick overview - In December 1980 on successive nights USAF personnel reported seeing lights which on one night appeared to land in Rendlesham Forest. They went into the forest thinking the lights may be a crashed aircraft. Instead unfolded a series of events that to date have led to claim and counter claim by many of the American service personnel involved in the event. I'm not going to cover this in too much detail at the moment as the links below give all the info you need.


Unfortunately some of the main witnesses are constantly bickering over who was there and who experienced what and when. Frankly it has become something of a comedy show as of late but Penniston, Burroughs, Warren and Colonel Halts viewpoints can be found on YouTube and I recommend you go there to find further info as well as the links below. I will add further content on this story in the future.  


We visit Rendlesham Forrest on a regular basis. We have seen UFO's and have photos that can be found on the gallery page. I might add the triangle of 3 lights was not seen by naked eye and identical objects have been captured on film by others in countries around the world. Setting aside the major events of the 80's I would say this. As a group we can claim multiple witness sightings and we have some photos to further support the fact that UFO's are still being witnessed. Whilst most concentrate on the main witnesses to the UFO event I would point you to the two radar operators who both witnessed the UFO on radar and visibly from their control tower. Also the local witnesses who lived near the forest and saw the UFO's over the forest from their local houses. I will add links to the relevant YouTube videos in the future so you can hear their version of events.   

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The forest has become such an attraction the Forestry Commission has installed it's own UFO Trail that takes you around the forest and the locations of the events of 1980. We are happy to take new members around the forest when we have a skywatch visit. 

Spooky stories abound and it has been said that during the stay of the USAF at nearby Bentwaters Air Base which boarders the forest, guards on duty near the East Gate of the base would be kept on their toes by the attention of 'East end Charlie' a ghost of a crashed airman from the Second World War who would in the dark hours of the night rap on the walls of the guard hut and walk across the roof with loud footfalls! Knowing a few military personnel as I do I'm sure the opportunity to play few pranks wouldn't have gone a miss and may have played a part in some of these ghostly stories.


Sometimes if the conditions are right mists can be seen along the paths of the forest  due to the fact that the paths have a heavy sand content and after periods of wet weather when the temperature starts to rise mist form at night, however this hasn't stopped some people claiming all sort of spooky things about them. It's also very easy to get lost in the forest and we know at least one researcher who was found in quite a state after getting lost late at night. 

Not everything that is seen in the forest can be put down to a rational explanation.On a couple of trips into the forest, several sightings have been made of lights in the tree tops and one was only seen by accident when one of our members was looking at some photos he had made whilst in the forest. Check our events page for our next visit to the forest.