Paranormal Investigations

Welcome to the paranormal section.


If you are reading this you probably already have an interest in the subject.  The object here is to encourage exchange of experiences and ideas.  Sometimes people find the subject difficult to talk about with friends or family, so feel free to talk to us, you are among friends. 


Over the years we have been to many troubled families in the area, and we do this free of charge should the case warrant investigation.  Sceptics are more then welcome to contribute because we all have something to learn from each other.    The paranormal has many aspects, and to me it is also an integral part of the UFO phenomena, often people have an interest in both subjects.  Haunted pubs in Southend and giant dogs in Rochford, not to mention the spectre of the Witch finder general seen in Hockley. 


This part of Essex has a tradition of healers, cunning men, and witches. Speaking from personal experience, nothing has changed.  This is not a thing of the past but very much alive and living in Essex.  If this site can in some small way bring like minded people together then it will have served its purpose.

Canewdon Church in Essex has long been associated with witchcraft and ghostly sightings.

We went there one dark winters night and although expecting nothing to happen we had a bit of a shock.

Having been there for some time, it was now about ten o’clock in the evening, and pitch black save for the lampposts a few hundred yards away.

We had bought sandwiches and coffee and having found a bench in the North West corner of the grave yard we sat down for a meal break. After we had finished I suggested that we close our eyes and have a short meditation.

Almost instantly the wind picked up and I could feel what I thought was grit blowing into my face. I opened my eyes and immediately the sensation stopped. I closed them again and there was that same feeling of sand or grit being blown into my face. Again I opened my eyes and was dumbfounded to see no more that ten feet in front of me a four foot high solid black shape. Tony who was sitting next to me must have opened his eyes at the same time and let out a gasp.

"What did you see I asked him. Not wanting to put ideas into his head I did not mention what I had seen. A black shape he responded and It shot off into the far north western corner of the graveyard. That was good enough for me. We had indeed seen the same thing.

Above you will see the bench in the churchyard and the view from the bench. Left click on them to enlarge.

Is Canewdon Church haunted? Yes it is.

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