Paranormal Tales - The Blue House and the Case of the 9 year old boy

The blue house.  Evidence for reincarnation?


I have been on many investigations, but none that made me wonder if reincarnation is a possibility.  Until, that is, Anne and I went to a house in Colchester, having received a call from a worried mother of little seven-year-old girl.   The little girl in question had been having disturbed nights and running in to her parents’ bedroom crying, and saying that someone was in her room.  That of course is not an unusual thing with young children. But what she told me next made my ears prick up.

Three of them, mum dad, and the little girl were having a Pizza in the dining room when the little girl got down from her seat and walked over to the stairs, holding up a slice of pizza, and was offering it to an invisible someone.  She went on to tell me that the child had said that the pizza was for “the little girl “on the stairs.  Ok I thought.  Let’s not get excited.  Children do have fantasies.  None the less I had a feeling about this.  I told the lady that I would arrange to see her together with Anne in the following week.

It was a nineteen thirty-ish terraced house on a main road.  Inside was cosy and we were offered tea.  I soon realised that dad was a sceptic, and thought there was nothing to it.  Mum on the other had said “I know my daughter and there is defiantly something wrong”.  After a short conversation Anne and I began our tour of the house, seeing if we could find anything we felt to be odd.  After that we went back down and asked the parents if Anne could go to their daughters’ room, and talk to her.  And so, Anne went upstairs and I sat downstairs chatting with mum and dad. After some time Anne came back down with the little girl following her. 

We have to take care of something Dave.  What is that I asked.  Anne made her, you know what face at me, so I began getting my self-ready to contact, and deal with, something that I had no idea of what it might be, or what might happen.  I explained to the couple that Anne and I needed the downstairs to ourselves for a while, and we would care of things.  We were avoiding any detail with little ears not far away.  They agreed and went upstairs.  I won’t bore you with the details but after a bit of a battle I managed to clear what was bad in the house.  Thing is there were others in the house, but they felt harmless so we ignored them.  We sat and explained to mum and dad what we had done, and what we had not done, and they were fine with it.  I was inspired to pick a potato up that was in a vegetable rack in the kitchen, and hand I to the girl..  This is a magic potato I told her, and if you put it under your bed nothing will trouble you.  Mum looked at me and said, last night when her daughter went to bed she asked me to give her a potato to take up with her, how odd is that.  I have been around long enough to accept that coincidences were just another part of the paranormal world that I had immersed myself in.  Another day at the office  OK that is the first part of the story, and a fairly typical case so far, but here is where it gets stranger.

Anne is the most gifted natural psychic that I have ever worked with, and I was itching to know about her conversation with the little girl up in her bedroom.  On the way home she told me.  She had learned that the child was indeed having visitors, and was unable to know the deceased from the living.  This kid was another natural.  Some rare people like Anne, and this child, are simply, born that way.  I used to chuckle at the idea that to all intents there are around six billion people living on this planet, but in Anne’s world, the population was considerably more than that.

Anne began to tell me.  She had asked the girl about visitors, and found out that there were lot’s of them.  Mostly benevolent but one that was defiantly not.  Fortunately that was the one that I had sent on it’s way earlier, so thank goodness my intuition had led me to do the right thing.  Suddenly the girl had started talking to Anne about the other place she used to live in.  I knew that the family had lived in the house for thirteen years so she could not have lived anywhere else, ever.  Anne had asked her where the house was, and the girl pointed toward the back of the house.  Which house was it asked Anne?   The blue house over there she said pointing again.  I lived there with mother and father.  Anne pointed at the floor and said you mean mummy and daddy.  No, she said, I lived with mother and father, before I lived here with mummy and daddy.   She was talking about two different lives, which was a bit unexpected, to say the very least.  They cut fathers head of and mother died so now I am with mummy and daddy.  Anne asked the girl about the family in the blue house, and what her mothers name was.  The girl said Ham.  Anne knew quite a lot about history and realised that Ham was a man’s name, not a woman’s name.  Now in the car she realised that married women in those times would use the name of their husband, so in modern terms that would be Mrs Ham.  The child was correct in what she had said.  The name Ham is a very old name and has not been used for centuries.  So, make of it what you will and I hope you found it interesting.

I have no idea if reincarnation is real or not, but that case makes me feel that maybe there is something to it after all.  I have cut a lot of detail from the events of that evening, but I think I have given enough to serve as food for thought.

The case of a little nine-year-old boy named Michael

This is lengthy story but it opened my eyes to the fact that this world, or should I say, reality, is not what it seems, or at least what it seemed to me at the time.  I had received a phone call from a medium friend called Kevin Wade.  Kevin was a regular on a local Essex radio station, and also a platform medium. On the radio he took calls live on air and gave spiritual readings to the callers.


 I was a bit surprised when he asked me if I could visit a lady in Croydon who had called him on the show, and help sort out an ongoing problem that the family were having.  I was surprised because I had never been asked to do anything like this before.   Kevin explained that he had visited the family but the problem was still ongoing, and he was just too busy to go again.  Anyway, I agreed and took the ladies number, saying that would give her a call.  I may be able to help in some way.  Just how I had no idea.   I put the receiver down and. then made the call.


Hello This is Dave.  Kevin Wade asked me to call you.  I have never heard anyone sound so grateful to have me call them.  Oh, Dave I am so glad you called.  Can you please help? Kevin said he would get someone to contact me.  I explained that I needed to know what the problem was before I could say one way or the other.  In truth I was feeling a bit nervous considering the very short while I had been going to the local Spiritualist Church and training as a healer and sitting in circle.  I was so green that I didn’t even realise that what I was doing in circle was called trance mediumship.  And so she began to tell me just what was going on.  Dave, she said it’s freezing in here, and I have the heating on and my winter coat and hat.  The problem was that it was mid-June and looking out of my window it was a bright sunny afternoon.  She told me of bad smells, and then about her son Michael.  She explained how young Michael was being attacked and thrown from his bed and tormented by a spirit. And how her daughter’s exam work had just vanished in to thin air.  I began to wonder if this lady was exaggerating more than a little.   Ok I said, Is Michael at home now?  Yes, he’s upstairs.  I asked if he could come to the phone for a chat.  She agreed and explained that they had a phone upstairs where Michael was and she would put me through.

 Michael was a lively nine-year-old and I soon found out he liked playing football with his mates down the street and how he would like to be a footballer when he was grown up.  As Michael was only nine years old I hadn’t gone straight to the subject of ghosts for obvious reasons.  After a while we were chatting like old mates so I decided it was time to see what he had to say about being attacked.  I needed to take it slowly as I didn’t want to frighten him. 

Michael do you have friends come into your house to play?  Yes, I have my two friends down the street, and sometimes friends from school.  Anyone else Michael.  Yes, the Victorian girl, and the lady with ginger hair.  Michael. Did you say a Victorian girl?  Yes.  How do you know that she is Victorian?  Well he said. I have seen pictures in books at school, and that is what she looks like.  Ok Michael. Anyone else.  Suddenly his voice lowered.  Oh, you mean the nasty lady.   What nasty lady is that Michael?  She hits me and pulls me out of bed, she is nasty.  So there it was.  Confirmation.

By now my head was reeling so I asked Michael to get his mum to the phone.  I hadn’t realised that she had been listening in downstairs.  Dave, she said, I had no idea about all of this. only about the nasty lady.  Some of the people Michael just told you about are real and some are not.  I don’t know anything about a ginger haired lady or a Victorian girl.   Sometimes in life you can reach input overload and I had reached that point.  I made an excuse to put down the phone and promised to call back in the next fifteen minutes.  There was only one thing to do now.  Put the kettle on light a cigarette and think.

Hello It’s me again can you put me back to Michael please.  Hello Michael can I ask you if any of your visitor friends are in the house now?  Michael was quiet for a while and then said, yes, the ginger haired lady is here in my room.  Now was time to put it to the test.  Was this really happening or just a fantasy.

OK Michael can you smile at her.  Ok.  What is she doing now Michael?  She is smiling at me. OK can you wave at the lady please.  She’s waving back Dave.  Michael would you ask her if she is going to stay with you?  She is shaking her head Dave.  I was suddenly struck by the idea that here I was having a conversation with a spirit over the telephone.  Just another day at the office.  OK Michael is anyone else there.  No Dave just the ginger lady. This little boy was wide open to a realm that most would doubt even existed. and spoke so matter-of-factly about it that I was in no doubt that he was being honest with me, I realised that I was speaking to a natural.   I wanted to find out just how natural this little boy was.  Tell me Michael is it cold in the house?  Yes, Dave it’s very cold.  OK Michael I want you to use your imagination and imagine the house getting warmer and warmer and put me back to mum please. I was back to Michaels mum so I asked her how the temperature was in the house.  Dave it’s getting warmer.    Had I heard correctly?  Was this small lad really changing the temperature by using his imagination, or was I ready for a visit to the doctors. I was working totally blind and from instinct only, and decided it was time to arrange a visit.  I asked Michaels mum to tell him to put his phone down as I wanted to speak to her privately. 

Ok tell me do you have any idea who this nasty lady could be.  It’s me mum she said in in her rich Jamaican accent.  She went on to explain that her mother has mistreated her all of her life and now that she had passed, had come back to cause problems as she had done in life.  Are you certain it is your mum?  Yes, Dave I am sure.   Can you see her?  No. I just know it’s her. She’s evil Dave.   Does Michael know this?  Dave, I have never ever told my kids about my mum or what she was like, as far as they are concerned, she never existed and that’s how I want it to stay.  OK do you have a picture of her at all.  I do Dave but it’s up in the loft.  I keep it because it is a wedding picture from back home (the family had Jamaican roots) and all my family are in it.  I haven’t looked at it for years.  I asked her is there any chance you can get into the loft, get the picture, and call me back.  Yes, Dave but it will take a little while for me to find it.  No problem I told her.  Take your time.  I was only too happy to break from the call as the level of concentration was beginning to make my head pound and a break would help.   I needed to get this right.

The phone rang, and Michaels mum told me she had found the photograph.  Right then can you get Michael with you please, and show him the photo.  It was a group picture with about twenty people in it.  I heard her call him and after a short preamble I asked Michael if the nasty lady was in the photograph.  Without hesitation he said that she was.  Could he really pick her out from a group of people he had never know? Can you point to her please?   I asked his mum if he had pointed at the person that we had discussed.  Yes Dave he is pointing at her.  Michael had jus beaten the odds.  OK tell you what.  I need to arrange to visit you and is It OK if I bring another couple of people.  She agreed and arrangements were made.  What was I to make of it all?  I admit to being sceptical, and even after the following years of dozens of investigations and events that were strange to say the very least. I remain sceptical to this day, but sometimes life overwhelms scepticism, and this was one of those occasions.  Even so I told myself not to run away with the idea that this was defiantly paranormal.  There could be a logical explanation.  Thing is.  What the hell could that explanation be.  Well the visit would solve that little problem one way or the other. 


The road to Croydon and back.


There were four of us in the car and the motorway had been kind.  We were making good progress and it looked like we would be there in good time.  Magi, who was to become my wife was with me in the back of the car, and driving was another Dave.  Sitting next to him was his wife Sheila who ran the Healing Hands Centre on Canvey Island.  Due to my lack of experience I needed back up and they had kindly offered to come along and help, for which I was extremely grateful.  If thing got a bit sticky, I had two old experienced Spiritualists to back me up. 

The terraced house was one of about a dozen situated along a short walkway just off the main road and the door was already opening as we walked up the path.  Come in come in it’s so good of you to come.  Would you like some tea.  Michaels mum seemed very happy to see us. We went through to the kitchen, and through a, half-opened door I could see who I took to be the daughter, and noted that she couldn’t get out of the room and upstairs fast enough before we came in.  Something not right there I thought to myself and noticed that this young lady looked frightened. Very frightened.  Maybe frightened of us or was she up to something.  Is Michael home.  Yes, he is upstairs I will call him.  There he was small and smiley. a normal kid.  I needed to talk to him alone and told him that I had the bad habit of smoking. and maybe he would take me into the garden.  We sat on a bench and chatted about his friends and football and anything other than the reason that we were there.  I was trying to get to know more about him and needed him to be comfortable before we began what needed to be done.  When I went back into the sitting room. Sheila and Dave had already gone upstairs to get a feel of the place and for some reason Magi had gone into the daughter’s room to chat to her.  What she was being told would have made what was left of my hair stand on end had I been privy to the conversation but I was not to find that out until later. 

Having gained the information, we needed from Michaels mum we asked if the four of us could go upstairs and be alone for a while.  We needed to “tune in” to the atmosphere in the house and begin the psychic side of our task.  Left alone upstairs we fell silent and began to change our conciseness.  I can use that term after all these years, but back then it was something I did without realising it and that was all there was to it.  It was just the way things were, natural.   We needed to get the nasty lady to break cover and show herself but that proved difficult.  She was being drawn in but she would not play ball.  Try as hard as we might there was just no way that she was going to come too close to us.  Damm this was hard work.  Total focus was needed and total focus can be very draining on a medium’s energy resources, so after about half an hour and no sign of success we went back down stairs and sat with the family in the sitting room.

 What the heck was to be done.  I was with two very respected and capable mediums but no way could we get any kind of a hold on this unwanted house guest and get her to go through the light as we called it.  We were stuck.  Somehow from somewhere I had a bit of inspiration.  I spoke to Michael and asked him if he could see the nasty lady.  Was she close?  Yes, she’s over there.  He was pointing to a corner of the room.  All eyes turned to look at the empty space. OK Michael I want you to help me with something if that is OK.  He nodded and it seemed that this was just a normal thing in his world. A world where there was no difference between the living and the departed.  They were all one to him.   It suddenly dawned on me that this little feller was the centre of what was going on.  He liked having company regardless of what realm the came from.  All except the nasty lady that was.  OK maybe I could put that to good use.  Michael, I want you to imagine that you have a beautiful bunch of flowers in your hands and I want you to go over and give them to the nasty lady and tell her that someone she loves is to meet her.  Oh, and I want you to tell her you love her.  I could see Michaels mum stiffen at the very thought of her lovely son doing this.  Talking to her hated mother, but I gave her a look that said this is no time to interrupt my concentration, and she was good enough to keep quiet.  The little boy walked toward the corner and held up the visualised flowers, and said I love you.   How I wish I had the sight, but I worked with energy and my visuals were limited to say the least.  What’s happening Michael?  She’s crying Dave and a man is coming.  And now what’s happening?  She is with the man and they are hugging each other.  I suddenly felt a rush of emotion.  Was I picking this up from a spirit? Now they are going into a sort of white light.  Dave, they have gone.

 It was over.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had done something that I had never imagined could be done or even needed to be done.  I could relax, and exhausted I fell back into my chair.  I had felt less tired after playing a hard rugby match for Canvey, but all I had done was focused.  Why was that so tiring?  I would learn to overcome that problem as I gained experience, but these were early days and I had a hell of a lot to learn, and little control over myself.  There was one thin g left to do.

I took Michael back into the garden for a private chat.  I soon found out that my suspicions were correct and he did in fact like having his “visitors” Now that was a problem because things would soon start happening again and I didn’t have time to keep visiting the family.  Michael, I have to tell you that not every person is a nice person and some even steal things.  Yes, he said I know.  So then what if one of them came and took your football?  His little face dropped.  His football was his prized possession and I could see by the look on his face that the thought of it being stolen was just too much.  Do you understand me Michael?  Yes.  So, you just be careful about who you play with then OK.  Job done.  Let’s go back in then shall we. He nodded and I could see that I had hit home.  Job done.


On the way home we were quiet.  Each contemplating the evenings events.   I took the opportunity to ask Magi what had happened in the daughter’s bedroom.   Magi was an empath and feeling the young girls fear had gone to find out just what was frightening her so much.  Magi told me that the nasty lady had been appearing in the daughter’s bedroom mirror and telling her to kill Michael.  

My good god I thought.  Things like this only happen in horror stories.  The knowledge that they are not just confined to pages in a book but can actually manifest in this so-called reality was a hammer blow and changed my life for ever. 


So, there you have it.  Make of it what you will.  I hope you found it interesting.